Discover A Simple, Natural Technique
You Can Use To Reduce Or Eliminate
The Pain And Side-Effects Of Surgery...

... And Recover In LESS Time!

WARNING! If you're about to undergo surgery for ANY reason (or even if you're just considering it), you'll want to read this page VERY carefully...

... because it reveals a very simple, scientifically PROVEN technique you can use *during* surgery to eliminate or reduce MANY of the common problems and side effects associated with surgery and anesthesia, including:

Dr. Alice Cash, Ph.D.

  • anxiety and stress prior to surgery
  • fear of anesthesia
  • nausea and vomiting
  • painful swelling and dangerous infection
  • risky and uncomfortable side-effects of anesthesia
  • long and difficult recovery periods
  • pain during and after surgery
  • confusion and fuzzy memory

This technique will work for anyone, no matter WHAT kind of surgery you're having, and is already being used successfully by surgeons around the world!

Read on to discover how it will work for YOU...

From: Dr. Alice Cash, Healing Music Specialist
Date: Tuesday, 10:14 a.m.

Dear Friend,

re you about to undergo surgery for ANY reason, but you're worried about the pain, stress, or difficult recovery period?

Or worse, are you concerned about the possible risks and side-effects of the anesthesia and other drugs related to your upcoming surgical procedure?

Wouldn't it be great if you could approach your surgery feeling relaxed and at ease, undergo the operation WITHOUT stress, pain, or excessive drugs, and then recover in as much as half the usual time?!

Hello, my name is Dr. Alice Cash (but you can call me Alice ;-)

For over 20 years, I've been helping people just like you go through surgery without anxiety, pain, or complications...

... and I'm pretty sure I can help YOU, too!

I've Spent Over 20 Years Working With Patients
To Help Them Avoid Complications and Side-Effects

What makes me so sure I can help you recover from your surgery in HALF the time? And avoid -- or dramatically reduce -- the amount of potentially addictive pain and anxiety medications, and risky anesthetic?

Well, with a Masters Degree in Social Work, and a PhD in Musicology, I've devoted my life to using the natural soothing qualities of music to help everyone from surgery candidates to Alzheimer's patients, and even help babies bond with their mothers!

I've given lectures and workshops about the healing benefits of music around the world, written articles in prestigious medical journals, have appeared in some of the country's TOP newspapers...

... and I've even been interviewed on the "Today" show!

Now, I'm not telling you this to boast! I just think it's important that, when it comes to your health, you make sure you're getting advice from someone who you can truly TRUST.

Doctors Have ALREADY Discovered The
Benefits Of Music In The Operating Room

I know you might be skeptical...

... after all, we've become accustomed to so MUCH medical intervention, and toxic, harmful drugs, that it seems hard to believe that something as simple as music can make a difference during surgery.

BUT there's something you should know:

Doctors at the most respected medical centers and teaching centers in the world have ALREADY recognized how much music helps in the operating room!

In fact, many doctors themselves listen to music while they operate, because it helps them remain relaxed, calm, focused, and able to stay alert for extended periods of time.

Take a look at just a few articles from respected medical journals, websites, and mainstream newspapers, that talk about the benefits of music in the operating room...

The Major Newspapers, Health Websites, and Medical Journals have been reporting on benefits of music with surgery for decades, but until NOW, there was not a patented system to deliver music especially chosen by a clinical musicologist, to the patient. 

There are many surgeons listening to their own music through a "boom box" or speakers on the wall or through ceiling speakers, but it is not the music that the patient needs to hear.

Web MD is a reputable and respected medical website which reaches millions of readers every day around the world.  This is one of the many articles that talks about the power of music to lessen pain and perception of pain.  It makes sense that pleasant, calming music would distract you in a way that silence or medical environment sounds would not.  Music actually does a lot of what an anxiety medication would do, but without having to taking a potentially addictive drug

This article from the NY Times is an excellent and quite lengthy one.  It talks about all of the surgeons at New York's Presbyterian Hospital who play music on their iPods, through speakers, when they operate.  One surgeon says "

Given the large number of doctors who are amateur musicians, the presence of music at a surgeon's job site seems natural.

"The whole issue of performing in a finite period of time is very analogous between the two," said Dr. Eric Rose, chairman of the department of surgery at the Columbia University Medical Center, which is affiliated with NewYork-Presbyterian. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the operating room is called a theater, he said.

After Discovering How Music Helped Doctors
In The Operating Room, I Decided To
Find Out If It Could Help Patients, Too...

...And Here Are The AMAZING Facts I Uncovered!

As a Musicologist, I was always fascinated by the positive impact that music had on surgeons in the operating room, and wondered if patients could experience similar results.

So I started testing and experimenting with different kinds of music...

... and what I discovered is that, when a patient listens to carefully selected music before and during an operation, they're MUCH more calm and relaxed heading into the operating room.

But even better, during the actual operation, patients' muscles remain relaxed, their blood pressure stayed at its proper level, and their breathing remained slow and steady.

The result?

Patients required far fewer calming medications leading up to the surgery...

... and up to 50% LESS anesthesia!

And THAT means less risk of adverse side-effects, and a much smoother recovery!

But I soon discovered that not just ANY music provides these benefits.

I've found through extensive research and testing that there were specific types of music, and certain combinations of songs, that have the best results.

Now I'm Making This Music Widely Available,
So EVERYONE Can Enjoy These Same Benefits!

Once I'd discovered the exact combinations of music to use to reduce or eliminate the pain and stress of surgery, and speed recover times, I knew I had to get it into the hands of anyone who was facing surgery, so they, too, could enjoy these same benefits.

I call this collection of music the "Surgical Serenity System," and it's a series of 23 scientifically selected and arranged musical tracks that you can listen to using headphones during surgery.

Surgical Serenity Music Sample


Listen to the music starting a half-hour before the operation, during the operation, and later on, in the recovery room, and you'll enter the operating room feeling calm and relaxed...

... have LESS risky anesthesia during your surgery, and recover in less time, with fewer complications!

"Her recovery was amazing"

"I am an emergency room nurse and have looked at music therapy in many forms over the years. I have also worked as an anesthetic technician where my interests in playing music to unconscious patients took a deeper interest.

I purchased your music for a friend who was undergoing a relatively minor procedure but none the less it was a GA (general anesthesia) and she had not had one before.

Her recovery was amazing.
Absolute minimal pain relief ( 2X 200mg ibuprofen).
Her total recovery emotionally, mentally and physically was smooth short and uncomplicated.

So thank you for putting together such an effective product!"

Willow Francis,  Fremantle, Australia 

When you use the "Surgical Serenity System," you'll...

  • Require up to 50% LESS anesthesia, so you'll stay relaxed throughout the procedure and recover faster
  • Need LESS medication prior to surgery because the comforting music has taken your mind off of the scary "what-ifs"
  • Have LESS pain medication in the recovery room because the soft, soothing "Surgical Serenity" music is distracting you from pain and keeping you from tensing up
  • Experience LESS anxiety during surgery because you don't hear the unpleasant and unnerving sounds and conversations
  • LEAVE the hospital sooner because, having had less meds, you'll recover faster and be discharged sooner
  • FASTER recovery so you can return to work sooner or get back to your life and your family!

"My mouth is healing beautifully"

Dear Alice, 

"I had my dental surgery on Wednesday April 8th with your surgery music and it was wonderful. I had begun listening to the music ahead of time so they were like old friends when surgery time rolled around.  Benefits as follows:

  • I kept expecting to be nervous +++ as the date of surgery rolled around but couldn't seem to summon up any anxiety
  • My blood pressure has dropped to normal limits
  • I "knew " I wouldn't be able to sleep prior to surgery but guess what I slept well
  • I was calm and relaxed before surgery
  • The dentist and staff tucked me in, made sure I had my music (I had my i POD set to repeat ) and away we went.
  • Post -op I was still relaxed - had a sleep and had little pain- I had a bunch of work done - I did take an Advil at bedtime just for "insurance" but really didn't need it.

My mouth is healing beautifully
Thank you for the wonderful music."

Blessings, Anne Thoen, Alberta, Canada

"Look! Your Music is Ready to Use!"

Your music will arrive on high-quality, self-contained, wireless headphones that are already pre-loaded with your surgical music.

  • No downloading music files.
  • No trying to load your MP3 player
  • No hassle of ear buds the may fall out.
  • No wires or cords to get in the doctor's way.
  • Music for your surgery shipped already pre-loaded and ready to use.

Our Headphones are "Surgery Ready!"
Just unpack, charge the batteries and you are ready to listen!

Your headphones technical information:

  • MP3 Player
    Your headphones will be pre-loaded with your surgery MP3 music so no "programming" will be needed.

  • Connects to your computer through its USB port. (USB cord included)

  • 2 GB Built-in Flash Memory to allow room for high quality music

  • 5 Preset Equalizer Modes to allow selecting a different music range if you react to certain tone levels.  (Most listeners will not use this feature.) 

  • Your headphones will include:USB Data/Power Cord to connect your headphones to your computer.

  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery can be charged using computer's USB port.
     We have an optional charger available if you can not use your computer'a USB port. 

  • Battery Play-time is Between 7 to 8 Hours After Full Charge

"very helpful during surgical prep and throughout the surgery"

Thanks Alice,

"The surgical headphones were great and the nurses were very receptive to the idea. I found the music to be very helpful during surgical prep and throughout the surgery. It was fine with the doctors too. I am now home and the surgery... went well. The surgical headphones were a big hit and I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family."

Kathy Baucom, Louisville, KY

 Can Add Your Own Music After Your Surgery!

You may add your own songs, delete our music, or change your play list daily after your recovery period.

Here's How: When connected to your computer your may add or remove the MP3 files. You will be able to continually update your content. It is as simple as "drag 'n drop" the new content from your computer.

The self-contained headphones allow you to use your headphones on the porch, while walking, during a sporting event, in the car or where ever you are. We are providing high-quality headphones that you may use long after your surgery.


"earbuds might not stay in my ears"

Thanks Alice,

I considered using an iPod with earbuds instead of headphones, but then I worried that the earbuds might not stay in my ears during surgery? Also, earbuds and other headsets all have wires that might get in the doctor's way?

John Henderson, New Albany, IN

I want to make sure you get the
FULL Advantage of your healing music,
So I'll Include this report on how to talk to your doctor!

Talking with Your Physician or Surgeon about Taking Music into Surgery
By Dr. Alice H. Cash, Ph.D., LCSW

A report on how to communicate with your doctors that is written in everyday English. I gives you examples of how to approach the subject and how to answer the physician's replies.  For example:

“Doctor, I would like to listen to music while I undergo surgery. I’ve read a lot about in the news recently and I’m hearing more and more than there are so many good reasons to do it. My research shows that there are benefits beyond you might think! Besides, I’m a little nervous and I think this would help me!”

(This report will be available to you immediately in download format)

What's It Worth To You To Be Able To Approach Your
Surgery Calm and Relaxed, Avoid Harmful Drugs...

... And Recover In LESS Time?

It's a known fact that surgery -- and hospital stays generally -- can cost you literally thousands of dollars.

Then, if you have a prolonged recovery time, accompanied by necessary medications, your surgery costs can become astronomical!

And that's not mentioning all of the mental stress leading up to your operation.

You could continue to worry and fret about your upcoming surgery, getting yourself so anxious that you need potentially habit-forming medications just to get the courage to go to the hospital..

You could continue to worry about the possible harmful side effects of the anesthesia...

And you could find yourself paying a king's ransom in medical bills due to prolonged hospitals stays and multiple prescriptions...

... and enter the operating room feeling calm and relaxed, have your surgery with the minimal amount of drugs or anesthetic, and recover more quickly, so you can get out of the hospital -- and back to enjoying life -- as soon as possible!

"lowers your anxiety and stress, reduces the level of medicine"

Give them a chance - the headphones worked for me. . .
I have gone through the surgery experience 3 times. I have found that you have to recover from 3 things with each episode:

  1. The original situation that put you in the hospital

  2. The surgery itself

  3. The medicine you receive during the process

Dr. Alice's Surgical Music lowers your anxiety and stress, reduces the level of medicine needed throughout the surgery, and therefore improves the recovery process. The music helps your body 'fight' the illness and the surgery while lowering the need to 'fight' your emotions and excess medicine.

John Henderson, New Albany, IN

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that you can get my entire "Surgical Serenity System" (Surgical music pre-loaded on our headphones plus the PDF "Talking with Your Physician or Surgeon about Taking Music into Surgery") for $247.97.

Yes, I Would Like the Wireless Headphones
Pre-loaded with the Surgical Music

Still not sure?

I know that, despite all the history, research, and media reports I've shown you, you may still be skeptical. So to show you how strongly I believe that Surgical Serenity Music can create a calmer, safer, more relaxed surgical experience, here's my guarantee to you...

We stand behind our headphones 100%. Upon receipt we ask that you read the instructions, charge the batteries and learn how the controls work. If you would find a problem, we will repair or replace your set. It couldn’t be easier.
(See complete statement at )

Here is what Debora wrote us following her surgery .....

"My experience met and exceeded my expectations."


I purchased Surgical Serenity Headphone just prior to having knee replacement surgery. As a retired social worker and hypnotherapist who had worked in a medical setting, I was aware of the beneficial effects derived from the use of "healing" music during surgery. I experimented with them for a week or so before entering the hospital.

My experience met and exceeded my expectations.

Naturally I was oblivious of the surgical procedures, which, I'm told, went smoothly. I continued to use them for relaxation for a month or more afterwards. Six months or so after the surgery I encountered the anesthesiologist who was in attendance. As we chatted, she commented that I was totally at peace and my vitals were excellent throughout the procedure. She attributed this to her excellent skills and the use of the head set. She then asked for referral information so that she could explore the possibility of purchasing some for future use.

Debora Klein Shushan, NY

Yes, I Would Like the Wireless Headphones
Pre-loaded with the Surgical Music

To your good health,


Dr. Alice Cash, PhD